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a public service announcement

Posts like these are why everyone hates artists lmao cool the fuck down

Well, generations of traditional artists might disagree with you. Then again, they didn’t have access to those pigments back in the day. Would be interesting to try the CMYK palette.

…When I pick up the goddamn paints again D:

Oh look, someone who thinks that being angry and loud will make them right!

CMYK are primary colors as far as printing goes. It’s important to note that it’s a system of four colors (not three) and that it’s a convention used to print efficiently; however, it is not a perfect subtractive system. As far as painting goes, it is possible to paint with it, but the physical properties of paint will often work against you and some colors will be very hard to mix (certain warm oranges, for instance). Digital painting solves some of these problems.
Anyway, RBY are primary colors for paint; several millennia of artists used them, and it seems to me like, I don’t know, Leonardo, Caravaggio and Monet weren’t ending with “mud on their palette and tears on their face”, possibly because they actually knew their shit.

I’d also like to add that there’s a difference between pigment primary colors and light primary colors (subtractive and additive synthesis). The primary colors of light are not red, blue and yellow but red, green and blue, as looking at the screen of an old tv will show.

Also, everyone has their personal palette with their personal choices of pigments for primary colors, so you can’t think that there is just one set of primaries that is perfect just because your royal highness of art uses it. For example, I despise lemon yellow - for me it’s cadmium yellow all the way, but I’ve seen people starting from lemon yellow and getting beautiful things. To each one their own.

As a side note, you just don’t say “pshh, ultramarine blue” without knowing the history of the pigment and how important it used to be. Whole books have been written on the historical importance of ultramarine blue. Of course, this is hardly the problem when you’re so art illiterate that you can make a whole infographic in an angry tone while being wrong on something that most people learn when they’re four, but I wanted to point that out.

I know I’m taking some moron way too seriously but there are very few things that make me sadder than people who are arrogant about their ignorance.